Chopin, Left Hand Evenness, Runs and Trills

In this month’s practice clinic, Graham Fitch answered questions on various topics in works by Mozart, Chopin, Clementi and Grieg.

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The 2021-23 Trinity Syllabus

New video walk-throughs featuring selected repertoire from the foundation grades (Initial to 3) for the 2021-23 Trinity syllabus are now available!

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Back to School Resources & News

It’s back to school for many of us and this week we bring you some useful resources for the year ahead and a preview of what we have in store.

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Why Study Music Theory?

David Hall, discusses the benefits of understanding music theory and introduces his theory course There’s More to Playing the Piano, of which the first few chapters are now available on the Online Academy.

A Sight Reading Tour

Ryan Morison, gives an account of his early encounters with sight-reading as a music student and introduces a series of videos in which he shares his first-hand experience using our Advanced Sight-Reading Curriculum in a later attempt to improve his sight-reading skills!

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Teaching Healthy, Expressive Technique Preview

This week we bring you a preview of a new online course on teaching healthy, expressive piano technique based on Penelope Roskell’s award-winning book The Complete Pianist.

Harpsichords, Pianos & a Clavichord!

This week’s blogpost features a write-up of our last event for the summer in which harpsichordist and conductor Jory Vinikour took us on a fascinating tour of his collection of keyboard instruments, performing a selection of repertoire to showcase their characteristics.

A Mozart Fantasy, New Pieces and Voicing a Melody

In this month’s practice clinic, Graham Fitch answered questions on various topics in works by Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

A Harpsichord Revival

In this week’s guest post, harpsichordist and conductor Jory Vinikour explores the harpsichord revival which started in the last 19th century and discusses two of his instruments from this period.

Summer Sale 2021!

Summer Sale 2021: Get up to 40% off online events and various piano playing and teaching resources!

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