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We’re offering over 60% off the first volume of each part within the series on the Apple iBookstore and Amazon Kindle until 14/02.  Click here to visit our catalogue and then on “Other retailers” for a link to the relevant publication at the store of your choice.  Alternatively, the following links will take you to directly to the product pages for each of the publications on offer: Part 1 Volume 1 Amazon Kindle Apple iBookstore Part 2 Volume 1 Amazon Kindle Apple iBookstore Part 3  Amazon Kindle Apple iBookstore Part 4 Volume 1 Amazon Kindle Apple iBookstore Please note that a device with audio and video playback capabilities is required to access multimedia content for Amazon Kindle purchases. All purchases made directly from our website include both Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle formats.  For further information on the various publication formats and purchase options, please click here.

Practising the Piano Part 1 eBooks available on Amazon

I am pleased to announce that all three volumes of Part 1 of my Practising the Piano eBook series are now available on the Amazon Kindle store via the following links: Volume I Volume II Volume III   Please note that while the full content of each publication is included within the Kindle versions, due to the limitations of the platform, the multimedia content is not accessible offline.  Furthermore, while the text content and images are accessible on eInk devices (e.g. Kindle eReaders), a device with media playback capabilities (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Computer) is required for video and audio. As with the iBooks versions of the publications, existing customers who have purchased directly from my publisher will also get access to the Amazon Kindle editions of the publications they own via their library.  However, those of you who have existing Amazon accounts now have the option to purchase via Amazon should you prefer to do so.

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Complete Practising the Piano series now available for iBooks

As many of you who have purchased my eBooks are probably aware, my publisher has been busy producing versions of my publications for Apple iBooks.  This is intended to offer existing customers another option for accessing the publications on Apple devices in addition to making the publications available for purchase via the Apple iBookstore. I’m now pleased to announce that all six volumes of Part I and Part II are now available in this format.  Please click here for more information on how to access them or click here to log-in to your library (note that you may need to refresh your library page in order to see the new download option). The first volume of Part 1 is now also available for purchase via the iBookstore here.  Subsequent volumes will be made available in the iBookstore in due course subject to Apple’s review process.  Versions for Amazon Kindle are also in the pipeline although these will not support some of the interactive publication features or offline video due to the limitations of the Amazon platform.   Please note that purchasing direct from my publisher will give you access to all of the available formats for each publication you purchase (in addition to the iBooks versions mentioned above).  However, those of you who have existing Apple iTunes accounts may prefer purchasing via this route (or via Amazon in future).  

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Most Popular Posts of 2013

2013 was a big year for Practising the Piano with the launch of my enhanced, interactive eBook series.  The website readership has also grown significantly with almost 40,000 unique visitors and almost 300,000 page views over the course of the year.  In order to make sure I continue to publish relevant and engaging articles I’ve been going through an exercise analysing my usage statistics in order to glean some information as to what content has been the most popular with my readership.  The following is a listing of the top ten postings of 2013:   “But it Takes Me Ages to Learn a New Piece!” “Sorry, I haven’t done as much practise as I would like this week…” A Beautiful Process for Scales But I Can Play It Perfectly Well At Home! The Weakest Link A Tool for Memory Work: Tracking Five Fingers Marking the Score The History of Piano Technique: Studies and Exercises Some Thoughts on Mental Tension Interestingly, while many of the posts are from earlier on in the year (and therefore have had more of an opportunity to attract visitors), the article on Hanon (number 9) was the fastest post to rise into the rankings which suggests that Hanon is still the subject of much debate over one hundred years on! Please feel free to get in touch if there are any topics you would like to see me cover in future posts.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support to date and to wish you all the best for 2014!  

Practising The Piano eBook Series – A New Venture

I am delighted to be able to bring you news of a venture I’m launching this week, a series of interactive ebooks in several volumes based on Practising The Piano. It’s not simply a rehash of my blog – the material has been rewritten in more detail, with additional features such as video demonstrations, audio clips, numerous score excerpts, charts to print off and other interactive features. Right now, you can get beta versions of Volumes 1 and 2 of Part 1 (Practice Tools) at a discounted introductory price, with more volumes to come throughout the year. We have designed this with the iPad in mind, but you will be able to read it equally well on a computer. When I started this blog back in 2011, I knew nothing about blogging. I just knew I wanted to write something about a subject I was passionate about that seemed sorely neglected both online and in print media – namely, the art of practising. It has always struck me how few piano teachers, even very famous ones, talk about this subject and yet the importance of what we do in our practice room between lessons (if we’re learning) or between concerts (if we’ve arrived!) cannot be overestimated. Our progress as pianists is determined not only by the amount of practice time we put in, but by the quality of what we do. We might spend hours at the piano, but if we don’t know exactly what we’re doing, 90% of it can be wasted in futile drilling, or mindless hit-and-miss repetition. Instead of improving, we might actually be ingraining bad habits by constantly repeating them. I keep coming back to the analogy with the Olympic athlete, […]

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