It’s back to school for many of us after what we hope was a lovely summer break! As always, we have an exciting line-up over the coming months with our online events programme resuming, new content features and various updates. This week we bring you some useful “back to school” resources and a preview of what we have in store.

Back to School Resources

The following are some of our resources that you might find useful as you embark upon the year ahead:

  • Learning pieces – If you’re learning (or teaching) a new piece then why not try our free email course which introduces a process, principles and practice tools for more efficient and effective learning. Click here to sign-up.
  • Examinations – We have an extensive library of piano examination resources featuring 100+ videos and have recently added new videos on preparing for sight reading and aural tests. We will soon be adding new videos on preparing for a performance and the new Trinity piano syllabus. Click here for further details and links.
  • Music theory for pianists – A knowledge of music theory enables you to learn repertoire faster and to interpret it more authentically. If you’re preparing for an exam or would like a music theory refresher then take a look at our new series There’s More to Playing the Piano on the Online Academy.
Back to school learn a new piece

Upcoming Content & Features

Our publishing schedule features several exciting new collections and various additions to existing ones.  Highlights include:

  • New Sonatas in our Beethoven on Board project
  • A set of resources on studies and exercises for developing the left hand and an arrangement of a Bach cello suite for the left hand by Graham Fitch
  • Several videos on exercises, studies and various aspects of technique, including octaves, will be added to our growing technique library
  • New study editions featuring works by Bach and Brahms
  • Resources for the Trinity examination syllabus featuring a selection of repertoire from each grade

We will also be launching a new online course on teaching healthy, expressive piano technique by Penelope Roskell based on her acclaimed book, The Complete Pianist. Click here to find out more or here to sign-up for updates on this project.

Next online Events

Our online events programme resumes in September with a workshop by Penelope Roskell on tone production on 17th September. This will be followed by a workshop by Graham Fitch on the 24th featuring the Trinity piano examination syllabus and our next practice clinic will take place @ 12:00 BST on 22nd September. Please visit our courses and events page for further details.

Lastly, October is a special month for us in that the Online Academy will be turning five and we have various festivities planned to celebrate this milestone! Please be sure to sign-up to our mailing list here for further updates and details.