Our Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday weekend is almost upon us and we have a collection of exciting specials lined-up. These include offers on various popular digital resources to help you (or your students) reach your full pianistic potential!

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Chopin, Liszt, Jumps and Chords

Our latest Practice Clinic recording features answers to questions on chords, developing speed, pedalling and jumps in works by Chopin, Debussy, Mendelssohn and Liszt.

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Using the Cycle of Fifths

In this week’s blog post, David Hall, explores how pianists can use the Cycle of Fifths for various purposes, including learning scales, chords, chord progressions and improvisation.

The Importance of Teaching Healthy Technique

In this week’s blog post, Penelope discusses the importance of teaching healthy technique and shares a few tips and suggestions for doing so!

Performing, Sight-Reading & Teaching

Our last showcase features highlights, updates and free resources from a selection of our collections for performing, sight-reading and teaching

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Debussy, Burgmüller, Finger Pedalling and Ornaments

Our latest Practice Clinic recording features answers to questions on finger pedalling, ornaments, rotation and runs in works by Couperin, Burgmüller and Debussy.

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Mastering Piano Technique

The Online Academy’s technique resources present a variety of recognised approaches to mastering piano technique, enabling you to realise your musical and artistic intentions at the piano.

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Learning Pieces Showcase

Our next showcase features our resources for learning pieces which provide advice on how to learn, interpret and tackle challenges posed by works from the elementary to advanced levels.

Beethoven Piano Sonata in A Major (Op. 2 No. 2)

Pianist and captain of The Piano Boat, Masayuki Tayama, gives a guided tour of Beethoven’s first piano sonata in A major, Op. 2 No. 2.

Practising Showcase

Our first showcase features our practising section which aims to help you practise and learn pieces more effectively.

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