Practising Leggiero, Hands Together and Pedalling

In this month’s Practice Clinic, Graham Fitch answers questions on when to pedal in Scarlatti, coordinating the hands in Schumann’s Melody and how to practise playing softly and lightly in works by Chopin and Mendelssohn.

Beethoven Piano Sonata in C Minor (Op.10 No.1)

Pianist and captain of The Piano Boat, Masayuki Tayama, gives a guided tour of Beethoven’s fifth piano sonata in C minor, Op. 10 No. 1.

Happy Birthday Johannes Brahms!

It’s Johannes Brahms’s birthday on 7th May and we’ve compiled a selection of videos and resource links to celebrate!

Brahms’s Late Piano Works

Prodigal Pianist shares some thoughts on Brahms’s late piano works which are some of the most beloved in the repertoire.

Creating a Beautiful Piano Sound

In this week’s blog post, Graham Fitch explores some of the secrets behind a beautiful piano sound and shares tips for voicing and creating a signing tone.

Double Notes, de Falla and Dohnányi

In this month’s Practice Clinic, Graham Fitch answered questions on works by de Falla and Dohnányi. Topics discussed included achieving lightness, using rotation in arpeggios and double notes.

The Boon and Burden of Musical Notation

In this guest blog post, Ken Johansen discusses how the tendency of Classical musicians to be overly-reliant on musical notation can be detrimental to the development of general musicianship.

Tips for Using Technical Exercises & Studies

Many pianists use exercises & studies to improve their technique. However, practising them can often become mindless, unproductive, and potentially put the pianist at risk of injury. This week’s blog post provides tips and suggestions for using exercises & studies effectively while avoiding tension and boredom!

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Tuesday 29th of March was Piano Day 2022 and we celebrated by running a free online event featuring a revised version of one of our most popular online workshops.

Free Online Event on Piano Day

To celebrate Piano Day 2022, we’re running a free, revised version of one of our most popular online workshops, Fundamentals of Piano Practice.

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