We offer a range of online events and workshops – click here to find out more about the different event types!

Free Online Workshop: How to Play Fast

One of the most common questions pianists ask is how to play faster whilst retaining control and coordination. In this free version of one of our most popular online workshops, Graham Fitch will use a selection of pieces of various levels to demonstrate ways to move them from an initial, slow learning speed up to...

PTC Live – Bach, Rubato & Suzuki Method

Series of online workshops featuring presentations on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, understanding tempo rubato and what makes the Suzuki method different from others.

£25 – £50

Introducing the “Un-Master Class”

William Westney presents a demonstration of his unique alternative to a traditional masterclass for an in-person and online audience

£18 – £30

Unlock Your Potential with …Czerny?!

Fred Karpoff presents an online workshop on using Czerny’s Op. 821 to develop effective practice strategies, effortless trills, rotation and more!

£30 – £50

Applying the Practice Tools

Join us online or in central London for an interactive, practical workshop in which Graham Fitch demonstrates a selection of his tried and tested practice tools. The workshop serves as a hands-on complement to our previous practice tools presentations showing you how to apply these tools within pieces you’re learning to get the best results...

£45 – £100

Technique Day with Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch presents a set of online workshops showing you how to improve your technique to help you realise your artistic aspirations at the piano.

£48 – £80

Advanced Technique – Double Notes, Chords & Octaves

Graham Fitch presents a follow-on from Technique Day on 30th September focussing on aspects of advanced technique. Topics covered include getting to grips with octaves, mastering double notes and playing chords.

£24 – £40

Unlocking Your Pianistic Potential

Graham Fitch presents a free online workshop giving tips for productive practice, developing a natural co-ordinated technique and learning new pieces.


In-Person Performance Workshop

In-person performance workshop for intermediate and advanced pianists hosted by Graham Fitch

£18 – £100

Breathing Life into Bach

Fred Karpoff presents an online workshop exploring technical and musical aspects for a selection of Bach’s Inventions & Sinfonias

£24 – £40

Romantic Workshop

Full day event is dedicated to interpreting and performing music from the romantic period with presentations by Graham Fitch on aspects of romantic style followed by a performance workshop for repertoire from this period.

£48 – £125