We offer a range of online events and workshops – click here to find out more about the different event types!

Effortless Trills and Tremolos

Fred Karpoff shows how to develop effortless, continuous trills and tremolos.

£21 – £55

Playing with Freedom

Graham Fitch explores how to deliver performances free from tension and anxiety and achieve your full potential at the piano.

£30 – £50

Pathetique, Moonlight & More!

Julian Jacobson presents a guide to playing a selection of movements from Beethoven's Sonatas, including the ubiquitous Moonlight 1st movement, Pathetique 2nd movement and two other rewarding gems!

£18 – £30

Bach Isn’t Boring

Beate Toyka inspires and equips you to play works by one of the greatest of composers, starting with the earliest examples of fugues through to the splendour of the Well Tempered Clavier

£18 – £30

Principles of Piano Fingering

Graham Fitch presents an online workshop exploring the principles of choosing fingering that is right for your hand.

£18 – £30

Getting Your Pieces up to Speed

Practical workshop in which Graham Fitch demonstrates effective practice methods for developing speed.

£18 – £30