We offer a range of online events and workshops – click here to find out more about the different event types!

Technique Day with Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch presents a set of online workshops showing you how to improve your technique to help you realise your artistic aspirations at the piano.

£48 – £80

Advanced Technique – Double Notes, Chords & Octaves

Graham Fitch presents a follow-on from Technique Day on 30th September focussing on aspects of advanced technique. Topics covered include getting to grips with octaves, mastering double notes and playing...

£24 – £40

Unlocking Your Pianistic Potential

Graham Fitch presents a free online workshop giving tips for productive practice, developing a natural co-ordinated technique and learning new pieces.


In-Person Performance Workshop

In-person performance workshop for intermediate and advanced pianists hosted by Graham Fitch

£18 – £100

Breathing Life into Bach

Fred Karpoff presents an online workshop exploring technical and musical aspects for a selection of Bach’s Inventions & Sinfonias

£24 – £40

Romantic Workshop

Full day event is dedicated to interpreting and performing music from the romantic period with presentations by Graham Fitch on aspects of romantic style followed by a performance workshop for repertoire...

£48 – £125

Christmas Music by the Masters

Fred Karpoff presents a collection of alluring piano gems for the Christmas season by great composers

£18 – £30

Demystifying Sight Reading

Online presentation by Lona Kozik teaching you five key skills for becoming an excellent sight reader!

£15 – £25

Repertoire Ideas & Inspiration

Join Graham Fitch online on Sat 3rd February for a selection of repertoire ideas at all levels, including both popular works and hidden gems.

£15 – £50

Technique Clinic with Penelope Roskell

Penelope Roskell presents an interactive clinic addressing questions from participants in her online course for adult beginner and returning pianists.

£24 – £40