Black Friday Subscription & eBook Specials!

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year and we’re offering a number of specials on both Online Academy subscriptions and all of our eBooks. Therefore, if you enjoy the Practising the Piano blog and are interested in the Practising the Piano Online Academy or eBooks, then you may wish to take advantage of the following offers: Online Academy Subscriptions – Save £20 off Annual & Premium Subscriptions It’s been just over a year since the launch of the Online Academy in September 2016 and the site has grown to over 200 articles and over 700 music excerpts, 150 videos and 100 downloads (a full index of series and articles can be viewed here). We have many exciting updates in the pipeline for the year ahead which include extending existing resources, delving into specific topics in further detail and covering new topics. There will also be several updates to the website itself, largely focussing on making it easier to find and navigate content. More information on planned content and website updates is available here in a recent blog post. Take advantage of our Black Friday specials and upgrade to an annual or premium subscription for full access to all Online Academy articles and updates: Annual subscription offer – Get an annual subscription for just £59.99 (a saving of £20 on the full price of £79.99) –  Sign-up or upgrade Premium subscription offer – Get a premium subscription which includes the complete multimedia eBook series and Annotated Study Edition bundle for just £59.99 plus a once off payment of £20 (a saving of £20 on the full price of £99.99) – Sign-up or upgrade Click here to find out more about the Online Academy and for further information on subscription options and pricing. eBooks and Annotated Study Editions We’re also offering 40% off all eBooks, annotated study editions and […]

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Online Academy – What’s Coming?

It’s been almost a year since the launch of the Online Academy in September 2016 and the site has grown to almost 200 articles and over 700 music excerpts, 150 videos and 100 downloads (a full index of series and articles can be viewed here). A big thank you to all our subscribers who have helped make this possible, your support is very much appreciated! What’s coming? We have many exciting updates in the pipeline for the year ahead which include extending existing resources, delving into specific topics in further detail and covering new topics. The following are some examples of what we’re currently working on and will be adding during the next year: Technique – We will be creating an extensive set of resources covering various components and areas of technique with a combination of text and video demonstrations using different camera angles and playback speeds to illustrate key points. A library of exercises categorised by level and tips on how to best utilise them will also be included. Practice Tools – The current series on Practice Tools will be extended and adapted for the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Scales – Following from the highly popular resources on elementary scales, we will shortly be adding a set of resources focussing on scales at the intermediate level. This will include exercises, downloads, video demonstrations and further information on alternative fingerings. Study Editions and Walkthroughs – The existing collection of Annotated Study Editions will grow to include popular works at varying levels by Mozart, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Beethoven. We will also be adding walk-throughs and resources for a wide range of new works from across the repertoire. Examination Resources – Our existing resources for the […]

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Online Academy Survey – Your Feedback!

Thanks again to everyone who completed our recent Online Academy survey. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and therefore very encouraging. We’re also delighted with the detailed feedback we’ve received, all of which is invaluable to us for planning purposes. After reviewing the results in detail, here is a summary of some of the key findings. We also have some insights as to how we might accommodate these along with other suggestions in future. Audience & reasons for subscribing Although adult amateurs are the biggest subscriber group, each of the other groups also included a number of respondents thereby confirming that the Online Academy currently caters to a broad audience of musicians, amateurs and teaching professionals. Following from this, the main reason for subscribing is as a complement to lessons. Features & functionality Although not a surprise, browsing for content is the most commonly used feature, but is followed closely by the eBooks (these come bundled with the Premium subscription). Browsing by category and subcategory is also the most common way users are finding content although the various other methods (browse by author, search, text search etc.) are also well represented. Suggestions for improvement included: Improved navigation options including more indexing and cross referencing, categories and sub categories in the main menu and more features for personalising the home page. Making it easier to find new content including more frequent notifications (e.g. email updates) and some great suggestions regarding being able to “follow” authors and topics and view new content since your last login. Additional guidance on where to start with content e.g. a recommended approach or “lesson plan” for different profiles, levels and topics. Current & future content The most used content format is articles which combine […]

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