Workshop schedule

09:00 Welcome and Introductory Session: Bringing Scales and Arpeggios to Life

The technical tests are often neglected in the daily practice and in weekly lessons. In this session we will explore solutions to the technical problems as well as looking at some imaginative and creative ways to integrate scales and arpeggios into our routine.

09:45 Q&A

10:00 Sight-reading and Aural Workshop

Some practical ideas for preparing the sight-reading and aural tests on an ongoing basis as well as in the exam itself.

10:45 Q&A

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 How to Learn a New Piece 1 (Focussing on Grades 1-5)

From background research and critical listening to learning the notes, solving technical problems and awakening the imagination we explore numerous strategies for learning a new piece step by step. The deep learning techniques demonstrated in this workshop are useful as tools for memorisation (even though memorisation is not a requirement for the exams). We will also look at how to finesse and maintain our pieces.

1:00 Lunch Break

2:00 How to Learn a New Piece 2 (Focussing on Grades 6-8)

Continuing from our first session we apply the practice tools to the advanced grades.

3:30 Tea Break

4:00 Preparing for Performance

Strategies for exam preparation, including practising a performance, the psychology of performance anxiety and how to foster a positive mental attitude, how to present oneself, and how to deal with any slips and errors that inevitably occur in an exam.

4:45 Q&A and Wrap-Up

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