The Practising the Piano eBook series was originally launched in 2012 and has been read by thousands of pianists all over the world. We’ve been working on publishing revised editions in conjunction with the development of the Online Academy and are pleased to announce that the complete series is now available via our catalogue.


The revised editions feature a number of enhancements and updates, including:

  • New supplementary content
  • Numerous content updates and refinements
  • A printable PDF download option and additional download options for PC and Mac
  • Various formatting improvements
  • Enhanced video streaming via Vimeo
  • Improved download speeds from upgraded hosting infrastructure

eBooks - Features combined

Full series catalogue

Part 1 – The Practice Tools
Practising the Piano Part 1 is a foundation course on practice methodology or what could be called techniques of learning. It shows you how to organise your practice sessions for maximum effect, enabling you to learn new pieces quickly and efficiently. It also provides a number of specific practise tools which will improve your confidence and the overall quality of your playing. Click here for more on Part 1 >>

Part 2 – Mastering Piano Technique
Practising the Piano Part 2 provides a comprehensive treatise on the subject of piano technique from an overview of different schools and traditions through to an extensive listing of technical exercises. Video demonstrations and precise written instructions with exercises accompanied by manuscript show exactly how to overcome technical difficulties with skill and panache while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to tension and injury. Click here for more on Part 2 >>

Part 3 – Scales and Arpeggios
Practising the Piano Part 3 is a comprehensive guide to scales and arpeggios. It features numerous video demonstrations, exercises, practice suggestions, resources and interactive tools to make this essential part of a practice regime effective, interesting and fun. Click here for more on Part 3 >>

Part 4 – Practising for Performance
Practising the Piano Part 4 focusses on the art of performance, including how best to prepare yourself both mentally and in the practise room. Drawing upon powerful practise strategies, proven psychological and therapeutic techniques used by elite sportsmen and women, it shows how to combat anxiety and to deliver performances that reflect your full potential. Click here for more on Part 4 >>

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How it works (Existing customers)

The eBooks website has been combined with the Online Academy therefore you will be able to access your eBooks and subscription in the same place. If you already own any of our eBooks, you can still access them via our previous eBooks site. In addition to this, we also ran an upgrade campaign providing all customers who purchased the complete,  original Practising the Piano eBook series with upgrade vouchers for the revised editions.

If you purchased a Subscription plus eBooks bundle for the Online Academy via our Indiegogo campaign or subsequently via the Online Academy website, then the eBook Series and Annotated Study Editions will be automatically added to your account as they become available. Log-in to your Online Academy account and click here to view your eBook library or click on the menu button on the top left hand side of the screen and select “My eBooks”.

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