Part 1 - Practice Strategies and Approaches

PtP part 1 cover

Pianists need to spend considerable amounts of time practising, and yet a lot of this time is wasted because of inefficiency or, worse, a lack of know-how. Much has been written about piano playing, but surprisingly little about the art and science of practising. Practising the Piano Part 1 is a foundation course focussing on practice methodology and provides a number of specific tools which will enable you to:

  • Structure the practice session to get maximum results
  • Eliminate and avoid wrong notes and mistakes in your playing
  • Develop pinpoint accuracy and precision in runs and fast passages
  • Build up speed and endurance in your playing, effortlessly
  • Memorise pieces reliably using a number of memory techniques
  • Learn new pieces as quickly and efficiently as possible

Part 1 features:

  • Hundreds of bars of score excerpts featuring popular repetoire and practical illustrations of exercises and tools
  • 30+ videos and audio clips illustrating various techniques and concepts
  • Downloadable files and printable charts
  • Numerous glossary links and external links to supplementary resources

Part 1 - The Practice Tools

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