Elementary Technique Workshop

For Adult Beginners, Returning Pianists & Teachers

Saturday 12th November 2022 (13:00 – 17:30 GMT)

In this half-day workshop for adult beginners and returning pianists, Penelope Roskell teaches the fundamental aspects of elementary piano technique needed to play with ease, dexterity and beautiful sound.

The workshop will take a practical, interactive format with Penelope demonstrating exercises from her course Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique and from her award-winning book The Complete Pianist as well as many newly devised  exercises for elementary pianists. Participants will be able to try these exercises and ask questions throughout the sessions.

Topics covered include:

  • Good sitting posture
  • Establishing the ideal hand position
  • Strengthening the hand and thumb
  • The Parachute touch for legato phrases and for cantabile chords
  • Scale, broken chord and arpeggio technique
  • Staccato touch
  • Rotation and slow Alberti bass
  • Pedalling
Penelope Roskell on elementary piano technique

Who it’s for?

This workshop has been specifically designed for adult beginners and will provide you with solid technical foundations enabling you to progress quickly and play with ease and confidence from the outset. If you’re a returning pianist, it will serve as a useful technical “refresher”. It will also help you identify technical issues that may have held you back in the past and learning exercises that will resolve them effectively.   

The event will also be of interest to teachers who wish to observe Penelope demonstrating her exercises and doing hands-on work with elementary pianists. 

Video Preview

This video is an excerpt from the workshop recording featuring Penelope working with a participant on one of the concepts presented:

Ticket options & prices

If you missed this event, you can still purchase access to the recordings to watch at your convenience. The videos for the sessions have been created from the footage recorded in the studio and therefore are significantly better quality than the streamed versions. The set of videos for the full event featuring almost four hours of footage with accompanying worksheets costs £50 (£30 for Online Academy subscribers) and can be purchased here.