Online Performance Workshops

Our performance workshops are an online take on the traditional masterclass offering an opportunity to perform a piece for an online audience and get personalised tuition from Graham Fitch.

How it works

  • Each performer gets a slot to perform and obtain feedback (slots are usually 20 minutes long depending on the session type)
  • Performers may choose to perform live or share a recording of a performance
  • After the performance or recording, Graham will then work with the performer directly

Types of pieces and feedback

  • Pieces of all levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced – these workshops are open to anyone serious about improving their playing!
  • Pieces do not necessarily need to be performance ready and you can bring pieces that you are still working on and need assistance with
  • If you have specific problems with a piece then you are welcome to raise these and Graham will work with you to find solutions
  • Alternatively Graham can provide general feedback on matters such as style, interpretation ,technique and practice methods

What do I need to participate?

  • Internet connection capable of making and receiving video calls (most broadband connections should be sufficient!)
  • A web camera or device with a camera e.g. laptop, mobile phone, tablet and microphone for making and receiving video calls
  • We use Zoom to deliver our workshops therefore you will need to have Zoom installed and have registered an account (there is no cost to this)
  • A piece that you are busy working on and have specific questions about or would like to polish and refine for performance

If you’d like to find out more about this format and the type of feedback offered, this blog post contains an excerpt from a previous session and a link to a participant’s account of their experience. Another write-up from a participant is also available here.

Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure if I’m good enough to participate

In general, there is no level that you need to be at for there sessions (unless a specific session is aimed at a certain level – this will be clearly stated in the event title if it is the case). Graham is delighted to work with pianists of all levels looking for insights and encouragement to improve their playing.

I’m nervous to perform live, what other options are there?

If you’re nervous performing your piece live or are worried about your connection / set-up while performing then you have the option to rather share a performance that you have pre-recorded. After your performance, Graham will work with you live at your piano, giving you individual feedback and tuition.

How difficult is it to set-up?

It’s really easy to get set-up as a performer and we provide detailed instructions and tips for doing this. Most laptops, smart phones and tablets are capable of running the requisite software (Zoom) without much effort. You can also test your set-up easily in advance. Please also see equipment recommendations and set-up tips below.

Do you have any recommendations for equipment?

Most devices that are capable of making and receiving video calls will be sufficient for the purposes of these sessions. However, you can improve the quality with a few inexpensive accessories e.g. an external web cam (the Logitech C9220 is a decent, mid-range option) and microphone (we recommend the Blue Yeti which is excellent for playing and speaking)

Do you have any set-up tips?

We suggest always ensuring that you’re using original sound in Zoom, rather than having Zoom try to adapt the sound automatically (this distorts music as it’s designer for meetings!). This is a simple setting to apply and more information can be found here.

We also recommend placing your device and (if you have one) on a stand or mount (placing a mobile phone on the side of the piano is not ideal as these are prone to fall over!). Depending on your device, there are many inexpensive options available.

I’m not ready to play yet, can I watch?

Yes, you are most welcome to join the audience for any of these events. Please select the audience ticket option when signing-up.

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