Technique Series with Graham Fitch

Saturday 30th September & 28th October 2023

The aim of developing and refining a piano technique is for the sole purpose of expressing our artistic image of the music we are playing – freely and without impediment. When we are coordinated and in good pianistic shape, the playing can feel effortless and enjoyable, meaning we are able to put our full attention onto communicating the musical message without worrying about our technique.

In this set of online workshops, Graham Fitch shows various ways in which you can improve your technique, from an overview of the basic fundamentals through to incorporating forearm rotation, mastering scales & arpeggios, using exercises and studies effectively and inventing exercises from your own pieces!

Improve your piano technique with Graham Fitch

Workshops & Topics

Fundamentals of Piano Technique – Achieve physical freedom in your playing by adhering to a set of basic principles and using movements that are natural to the body. 

Forearm Rotation – Learn how to incorporate the basic principles of forearm rotation into your playing for reduced tension, greater strength and better coordination.

Scales & Arpeggios – Master the technical challenges posed by scales and arpeggios plus fun and creative ways to practise and use them for a variety of purposes!

Using Exercises and Studies Effectively – It’s not what you do, but how you do it! Find out how to use popular studies and exercises to solve problems and improve your technique / get the best results.

Inventing Exercises & Q&A – Discover a creative way to tackle technical challenges in pieces you’re working on by inventing exercises from them. 

Advanced Technique – In this follow-on session from 30th September, Graham Fitch looks at aspects of advanced technique including octaves, double notes and playing chords.


The workshops will take the form of online presentations and you will have the option to try out some of the concepts and exercises in the comfort of your own home during the sessions or at a later stage. There will also be opportunities for questions and answers throughout the live presentations.

Ticket options & prices

These workshops are all taking place in our studios and all ticket holders will receive a link to view high-definition recordings after each of them. Also included within the ticket price is access to a selection of Online Academy resources. Therefore, if you are unable to join us live or missed some of the events, you will still be able to watch the workshop recordings and access the resources at your convenience.

Tickets for the full set of six sessions cost £100 (£60 for Online Academy subscribers) and can be purchased here. Alternatively you can also purchase access to recordings for the sessions individually via the following links: