Tuesday 29th of March was Piano Day 2022 and we celebrated by running a free online event featuring a revised version of one of our most popular online workshops. We’re also offering various specials on a selection of our resources which run until 3rd April.

Free Online Workshop

In our free online workshop, Graham Fitch demonstrated his tried and tested methods and strategies for learning pieces and practising more effectively. Topics explored included analysis, choosing fingering, essential practice tools such as the “Three S’s” and other deep-learning techniques.

The following video features some excerpts from the event recording:

If you missed the workshop, you can still obtain access to the recording and resources by signing-up to our mailing list here. You can also view details of our previous workshops here.

Other Offers

The following are a few selected offers available as part of our Piano Day promotion (please sign-up to our mailing list here for additional offers!):

  • Practising the Piano eBook seriesClick here to purchase all four parts of Graham Fitch’s acclaimed eBook series for £24 (standard price: £40).
  • From the Ground Up – Ken Johansen’s From the Ground Up series uses outlines and reduced scores to help you to learn pieces more effectively. Click here to purchase the complete bundle of editions which includes works by Schumann, Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Mozart and Chopin for £12 (Standard price: £20)!  
  • Guide to the Trinity College SyllabusClick here to purchase our resources for the Trinity College London 2021-2023 piano syllabus for £48 (Standard price: £80). This collection includes 50+ video walkthroughs of selected repertoire plus a set of videos on preparing for an examination and three workshop recordings. 
  • Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique Click here to purchase Parts 1 & 2 of Penelope Roskell’s online course, Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique for £24 (Standard price £40). Part 1 comprises four introductory videos and Part 2 features 120 videos (2.5hrs of footage) showing how to use different kinds of finger touch to achieve a wide range of sounds at the piano.
  • Getting Your Pieces up to Speed (Online workshop) – Practical workshop in which Graham Fitch demonstrates effective practice methods for developing speed while retaining coordination. Click here to get £10 off when purchasing access to the workshop recording and resources
  • Creating a Beautiful Piano Sound (Online workshop) – Online workshop in which Penelope Roskell explains the principles behind producing a beautiful tone quality for pianists and teachers. Click here to get £10 off when purchasing access to the workshop recording and resources.
  • The Four Skills of Successful Sight-Reading (Online workshop) – Ken Johansen shows how to develop four skills for successful sight-reading, including planning, eye training, reading ahead and maintaining a pulse. Click here to get £10 off when purchasing access to the workshop recording and resources!