Our next showcase features the learning pieces section within the Online Academy takes the various concepts from our practising resources and applies them to specific pieces within the repertoire. This extensive repertoire library offers advice on how to learn, interpret and tackle challenges posed by works from the elementary to advanced levels.

Learning pieces showcase


Video walk-throughs

Our growing collection of video-walkthroughs cover specific aspects of popular works through to detailed walk-throughs of a complete work. Click here to view a listing of selected videos grouped by composer or click here to view video lessons available for once-off purchase from our store.

FREE VIDEO: In this video from one of our most popular collections, Graham Fitch gives a walk-through of L’Arabesque from Burgmüller’s 25 Easy and Progressive Etudes, Op. 100.

Examination Guides

Videos for a selection of over 100 pieces from the syllabuses of widely recognised examination boards are also featured. Even if you are not planning on taking a piano examination, the repertoire lists offer a curated selection of graded pieces, many of which are public domain.


NEW VIDEOS: Our latest additions to our guide to the 2021-23 Trinity College London piano examination syllabus features a selection of works from Grade 4 and 5. Click here to view the full index of resources for the Trinity syllabus on the Online Academy.

Annotated study editions for learning pieces

Annotated Study Editions

Inspired by Alfred Cortot’s editions, our Annotated Study Editions  provides scores for popular pieces with annotations, fingering, footnotes and links. Annotated study editions can be purchased as stand-alone products from our store or are also available with an annual subscription to the Online Academy.

FREE CONTENT: Click here to view an excerpt from our study edition for Chopin’s Fantasie-impromptu, Op. 66

From the Ground Up

This series using outlines and reduced scores to help you to practise more effectively, memorise more consciously, and interpret music more creatively. From the Ground Up editions can be purchased as stand-alone products from our store or are also available with an annual subscription to the Online Academy. Click here for more information.

FREE SCORE: Click here to download a printable From the Ground Up edition featuring JS Bach’s Little Prelude in F.

Beethoven on Board

Our new Beethoven on Board series started off with Beethoven’s first Sonata in F Minor (Op. 2 No. 1) and will ultimately include detailed videos exploring background, style, interpretation, technical challenges and practice methods for all 32 sonatas.

FREE VIDEOS: Click here to view the full video introducing the first movement of Beethoven’s Sonata in F Minor, Op. 2 No. 1. Further previews or videos for this work are also available here.

NEW VIDEOS: Following from the above, we’ve just published 20 videos featuring all four movements of Sonata in A major (Op. 2 No. 2). Click here to view previews or click here for the full set of videos on the Online Academy.

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