We’re delighted to announce that after some extensive development work during the course of the summer, the new look Online Academy website is finally live. The Online Academy’s content has grown substantially since its launch and therefore it was necessary to make some improvements to the way the site is navigated. In addition to these improvements, we’ve also taken  suggestions provided by our users into account and have made a few further refinements and cosmetic enhancements.

The following is a summary of the new features and functionality updates:

  • A new sidebar menu with quick access to main topics, search and other quick links
  • More intuitive navigation of content by grouping articles within series or collections and new series landing pages which provide an index of articles within a series
  • Redesigned user dashboard with new methods of accessing content including a “recently viewed” article listing
  • Browse tabs and carousels (or sliders) which make it easier to browse, find and access multiple content items on a single page
  • A simplified search interface which allows for filtering by criteria (including tags) and sorting by most recent or most popular content
  • Grouping of search results by series for greater simplicity with text searches providing more granular results at article level thus giving the best of both worlds
  • Improved handling of bookmarks with articles grouped and managed by series

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Following on from these updates, we will be rolling out a number of further developments over the remainder of the year. These will include better personalisation of content, improved subscription management and new purchase and licensing options for teachers, schools and other institutions. Click here to sign-in to view the new site or click here for more information if you’re interested in subscribing.

New content

Starting with a new instalment in our popular series featuring Burgmüller’s 25 Easy and Progressive Etudes (Op. 100) earlier this week, we also have a packed schedule of content updates for the coming months, including:

  • The remaining 20 etudes from Burgmüller’s Op. 100 in addition to miscellaneous videos featuring walkthroughs to more popular pieces and lectures on practise tools and techniques
  • An extensive collection of videos featuring works from the Trinity College piano syllabus
  • A collection of original pieces by Forrest Kinney called Create First! which provide a natural and enjoyable way to learn to improvise at the piano
  • Further updates and additions to our comprehensive series on piano technique with original exercises and studies

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