Due to the popularity of our online workshop on the Practice Tools, we are pleased to announce a new follow-on workshop. This second workshop builds on the concepts introduced in the first and introduces additional practice tools, including:

  • How to deconstruct the score to learn pieces more efficiently
  • Using transposition to solve technical problems
  • Inventing exercises from within pieces
  • Using shadow practice for tonal and motor control
  • Deep learning with memory tools such as visualisation and mental practice for deep learning.

As with all of our online workshops, the workshop will include opportunities for questions and answers, along with practice worksheets and resources. The session will also be recorded, and all participants will receive a link to download the video.

Excerpts from Part 1 of the Practice Tools Online Workshop

We will also be running a repeat of the initial workshop (Part 1) if you missed one of the sessions in April / May and would like to attend (We recommend attending the first workshop before attending the second).

Tickets can be purchased for each workshop individually for £25 or together for both workshops for £40 (please select “Combined Ticket” when purchasing your tickets). Online Academy subscribers get a further 40% off individual or combined tickets. Please use one of the following links to book your place:

  • Part 1 (Saturday 6th June @ 15:00 BST) – Click here for more information or to book tickets.
  • Part 2 (Saturday 13th June @ 15:00 BST)Click here for more information or to book tickets.

Frequently asked questions

How do your online workshops work?

We use Zoom, a widely used platform to deliver the workshops which is free for participants and easy to use and install. The workshops are presented over video using a combination of camera angles (including a close-up for specific hand and finger movements) and slides. There is a comments / chat function which allows participants to submit questions which are answered at various stages throughout the sessions.

What do I if I book but can’t attend on the day?

We record all the sessions and participants receive an email shortly afterwards with links to the video recording and any other resources e.g. slides and worksheets.

I’m an Online Academy subscriber – how do I obtain my subscriber discount?

Details for how to purchase discount tickets will be emailed to you but please make sure that you have joined our mailing list for updates on events and any applicable offers!

Other event details and notifications?

We publish updates and notifications for future events by email (please click here to sign-up for our mailing list), our courses and events page on our website and our events listing on Facebook.

Do I have to have camera and / or microphone?

No, you do not have to use video or your microphone if you don’t want to. Questions can also be submitted via the comments / text chat function.

Online workshop feedback

We are delighted to have welcomed participants from literally all corners of the globe to our online events. Here’s what some of them have had to say about our previous events:

“Excellent format and content, appropriate number of people and expertly demonstrated – I thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

“I had ready Graham’s books on practice, but it was great to be reminded of the key principles in a way that was focused, allowed questions and made me feel like a member of an engaged community of piano learners.”

“I enjoyed this workshop very much even though I had to be up at 6 AM! I am a member of Practising the Piano Online Academy and I have the eBooks but I always learn a bit more each time I review the materials or view a presentation!”

“The practical advice and very specific examples regarding effective practice. It’s great to not only hear about the principles but to be guided through sample applications.”

“I’ve watched Mr. Fitch on YouTube and read his Pianist Magazine articles for years. Recently I have subscribed to his Online Academy website. I was thrilled to participate in a live interactive session that was beyond any opportunity I had ever dreamed of! Thank you to all who made it possible.”

“Graham’s pedagogy is thorough and the scope of the content is as wide as it is deep.”

“I am very grateful for these events. That way, people who are not able to travel can benefit from the knowledge of a great teacher as well!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to using these newly gained tools in my piano practice.”

“I am very glad I have attended the Practice Tools workshop. I really liked the fact that Graham was going through any questions that we were posting in the chat in between his presentation slides.”

“The best part of the workshops was where Graham answered our questions when we needed clarification.”

“The clarity of Graham’s teaching and being able to watch his demonstrations so clearly and in such detail was fantastic.”

“I loved the personal account of when you (Graham) first learned rotation and the initial fog!”

“I found the demonstration of movements, using different cameras to be very useful. Also the demonstration on the arm as well as on the keyboard.”

“I hope there will be more events like this in the future. I also found the combination with the materials on the Online Academy to be very beneficial.”