As readers of my blog will know, I am not a great believer in too much separation of the study of technique from real music. Therefore, when I recommend studies and exercises they have to be really good – either easy to memorise and very much to the point (if an exercise) or on the short side and with enough musical interest to capture the imagination (if a study).  

Burgmüller’s 25 Easy and Progressive Études (Op. 100) have been a mainstay of elementary étude repertoire for many generations – and deservedly so. Like all great études, the study of technique merges with attention to quality of sound and a musical purpose. The musical content of these pieces is on a level with the technical challenges they pose, so that the listener would not necessary realise they have any didactic focus whatsoever.

Because each has its own descriptive title, the études inspire imagination and characterisation in the player, elevating the works to the status of real music (as opposed to the dry and boring studies that are so often the diet of pianists). I cannot imagine any young pianist or elementary player who would not immediately engage with this charming set of pieces, or benefit from learning them.

Following on from my series of video walk-throughs for the full set of twenty-five études, I’ve been working on creating accompanying study editions to assist you in learning these works. These editions focus not only on the technical considerations but also on the compositional techniques used by the composer – including an appreciation of harmony.

Each edition has a number of footnotes that are designed to assist you as you practise. There are also QR codes that can be clicked on (if viewing online) or scanned with a phone (if you’ve printed the edition) to view videos that provide further demonstrations.

Screenshot of annotations in study edition

Additionally, each edition contains a link to my detailed video walk-through, as well as a teaching note. I shall be publishing the whole set in groups of five, starting with the first five works in the set which are now available (please see below for further details on how to purchase or access this first volume). 

Screenshot of online content for annotation.

It is my hope that these study editions will bring real focus to your practice as you work on these enjoyable and effective studies!


Access & purchase options

The complete set of video walk-throughs and the new study editions are included with an annual subscription to the Online Academy. Please click here to view the video walk-throughs for the full set of études or click here to view the new editions.

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  • Study Editions (Vol 1) – Click here to purchase video walkthroughs, a downloadable score and annotations for études no’s. 1 – 5
  • Video Walkthroughs – Click here to purchase video walk-throughs for all twenty five études

Live event recording

Watch the video from my Facebook live stream on Thurs 18th June in which I demonstrate teaching and practising tips for selections from Burgmüller’s 25 Easy and Progressive Études.

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