We’d like to wish all of our readers all of the best for the year ahead and thank you for your support in 2019. With 2020 now underway, there are a number of exciting developments in the pipeline for Practising the Piano which we’re very much looking forward to sharing with you!

The following are some examples of what we have in store over the next few months:

  • Technique library and resources – A comprehensive library of resources focussing on improving technique and tackling technical challenges for all levels. This will include detailed demonstrations of various areas of technique, guides to exercises and studies with contributions from current and new authors.
  • The Practice Tools – More content based on Graham Fitch’s workshops and eBook series, including a course teaching the fundamentals of effective practising and a revised index of practice tools for different levels.
  • Walk throughs – Our repertoire library will continue to grow with works including Für Elise, Chopin’s mighty 1st Ballade and Brahms’s Intermezzo in A Major Op. 118 No. 2 coming shortly. We will also be celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday with the launch of a series dedicated to his Sonatas.
  • Healthy playing – Our healthy piano playing module by Penelope Roskell will be extended to include information and numerous video demonstrations on preventing and recovering from common pianist injuries. Together with Penelope’s recently published Yoga for Musicians videos, this will serve as an invaluable resource for pianists and teachers alike.
  • Sight reading – An exciting new sight-reading curriculum developed by Ken Johansen at the Peabody Institute, for the advanced level along with exercises along with sample exercises from ReadAhead Level 4.
  • New features – A number of developments are planned for the Online Academy, including course functionality which will provide a guided pathway through existing and new content, a Q&A series and new tools and licensing options for teachers and institutions to make it easier to use content within your teaching practice.

For the time being, we have numerous resources to support you every step of the whatever your ambitions for your playing or teaching in the New Year might be. A full index of our content on the Online Academy is available here (or click here for a listing of products available without a subscription). The following are some useful suggestions to get you started:

There are multiple options for accessing the resources listed above, including subscriptions to the Online Academy or once-off purchases (without subscriptions) for selected eBooks, lessons and editions from our store. More information on our product options and how they work is available here, alternatively click here to find out more about the Online Academy.

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