Following the launch of the Online Academy beta site, we’re now hard at work preparing the site for launch and therefore thought we’d take this opportunity to share a “sneak preview” of what is coming…


The beta site already contains over 35 articles and 30 videos, including:

  • A number of videos which form part of a series on piano pedalling featuring demonstrations, musical examples and a “damper cam” to provide an in-depth treatise on the subject
  • A series of text articles including musical excerpts and video demonstrations on the art of piano fingering by author Penelope Roskell
  • Video introductions to Graham Fitch’s Practice Tools, starting with The Three Ss
  • Initial articles in a series which shows you how to tackle those pesky polyrhythms with videos and downloadable worksheets
  • A series of articles which show how to use skeleton practice to approach learning popular works by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin.

We’ll be adding lots more content in the run up to launch and on an ongoing basis thereafter. Content still to come includes more articles and videos on healthy playing, a series on how to improvise at the piano, a “crash course” in practical theory, extensions to the technical exercises library, more walk-throughs of popular pieces, additions to existing series and articles featuring new topics from our surveys.


The beta site is also fully functional and provides a number of ways to browse, search and interact with the content outlined above. We’ve also added a useful “bookmark” feature which enables you to bookmark a page for easy access at a later stage:


Home page with featured content, browse, quick search and bookmarks


Advanced search with filters for category, sub category, author, tags and keywords


Example of an article page featuring a video and the “damper cam”


Pages can be bookmarked for easy access via the home page or your dashboard


The Practising the Piano Online Academy has just launched! Click here to find out more or click here to visit the site, view free content and to subscribe.