We’ve expanded our increasingly popular online workshops programme further this month by adding sessions on several new topics. The first of these were on developing sight-reading skills and healthy piano playing. The next workshops towards the end of the month will look at memorisation and learning new pieces.

Sight-Reading & Healthy Piano Playing

In our first event of the month, Ken Johansen provided an interactive demonstration of how to develop sight-reading skills. Based on his advanced sight-reading curriculum, Ken shared his structured approach to training the eye and adopting a flexible attitude in order to keep going no matter what!

online workshop on developing sight-reading skills

“This has been the most useful and comprehensive set of strategies I have found for working on sight reading. I feel enthused!”

The next sessions featured expert in healthy piano playing and pianists injuries, Penelope Roskell. In the first part, Penelope introduced key principles behind a healthy technique and demonstrated her “parachute” touch for controlling arm weight and minimising effort. The second part was an injury clinic in which Penelope responded in detail to numerous questions from our audience all over the globe!

“Thank you so much for the sessions today. This was the best event I have ever attended and more successful than I could have imagined a Zoom meeting could be. Penelope was so generous with her advice and I have learned so much that will stop me incurring further injury!”

online workshop on healthy piano playing

We are planning on repeating these sessions due to their popularity. Therefore please sign-up for our mailing list if you missed them and would like notifications of future dates.

Learning Pieces & Memorisation

Our next workshops will be presented by Graham Fitch on Friday 31st July. The first features a step-by-step guide to learning new pieces effectively, from laying the right foundations in the beginning through to polishing for a performance that reflects your full potential. Click here for more information or to book your place.

The next workshop is a follow-on from Graham’s Practice Tools workshops and focuses on methods and techniques for deep learning and memorisation. Click here for more information or to book your place.

Other events

We will also be running repeats of Part 1 & Part 2 of Graham’s original Practice Tools workshops on 8th August. These workshops give detailed demonstrations of how to apply various tools to make your practising more effective. Click here for more information or to book your place.

Lastly, our next practice clinic in which Graham answers questions submitted by Online Academy subscribers in advance will take place on Thursday 30th July @ 12:00 BST via Facebook Live (please check your email for further instructions if you are a subscriber and would like to submit a question).


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