Amateur Piano Groups & Clubs

We’re passionate about encouraging amateur pianists to perform! Sharing your playing with others is a deeply rewarding experience and a great way to maintain your enthusiasm and gain inspiration. Furthermore, obtaining feedback and assistance can help you avoid getting stuck in a rut and elevate your playing (and your enjoyment of it) to a new level.

As with many things, the more we do something, the easier and more familiar it becomes. Thankfully there are now so many opportunities ranging from informal meet-up groups (online and offline!) through to masterclasses, courses and examinations. On this page you will find a listing of piano groups and clubs offering opportunities to perform.

If you run or organise piano-themed groups or events and would like to be included in this listing, please click here to tell us a bit more about your group.

London Piano Meetup Group for amateur pianists

London Piano Meetup Group

Location: Various locations in and around London

Format: In person

Websites: Facebook Group and Tickets

Founded in 2013 by Fran Wilson and Lorraine Liyanage, and now run by Rob Foster, the London Piano Meetup Group exists to provide informal performance opportunities for amateur pianists in the London area. We meet to play for each other every few weeks in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. All standards, styles are very welcome, and especially those who have not been to an event before. Observers are also welcome at most events if you don’t feel like playing!

London Amateur Piano Meetup

Location: Various locations in and around central London

Format: In person

Websites: Meet-up

We are a group for pianists looking for opportunities to share their playing with others. All levels welcome and we use “Safe Circle” approach to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all!

Let’s Play The Piano

Founded in 2015, Let’s Play The Piano, is now a national network on 9 amateur piano clubs. The monthly piano group events appeal to all ages, musical tastes and levels of experience. People are welcome to perform or just come to enjoy the music, having the audience adds great value to the event for the players. It’s also an excellent way for members to make new friends and gain confidence both musically and socially. 

Let’s Play The Piano currently uses 13 venues across the country selected for the quality of their pianos, mainly Steinway, Yamaha and Schimmel Concert grands. There have been around 750 events across the network since 2015, also including on-going monthly Zoom sessions for all groups combined. There are also group charity concerts and social events. The events are run at cost only making it very reasonable to attend for all!

Website (to be live soon):   

Individual group links:

Piano Performance Anxiety Practice Room

Location & format: Online

Website: Facebook

This group was started in early 2019 in response to a lack of practice opportunities in performance for adults at all levels who struggle with performance anxiety. It is a safe space, with a wonderful community, who support each other strongly. The founder has now got over her nerves, and plays out regularly, as have others and all continue to support those who are going through the same process. The group also offers advice, videos and practical tips and has 5 small safe space groups run internationally on Zoom.

Central London Piano Meetup Group

Location: At Miguel’s home in central London

Format: In person

Website: Facebook

Friendly, monthly informal meetup group for up to 8 pianists above Grade 5. Miguel owns a Yamaha GB1K retrofitted with a 6-inch octave keyboard for pianists with smaller hands, and a Kawai NOVUS NV-10S that features the Millenium III action present in Shigeru Kawai grands.

New York Piano Group

Location: Virtual, Manhattan School of Music, Opera America and other New York City locations

Format: In person and online

Website: Website or Meet-up group

This group is for adults who are interested in the art of piano playing. We are a group consisting of members from all walks of life from all levels, ages and professions. Members can network with other members, suggest a meetup, take part as a performer and participate in various events that are announced throughout the year. Our regular zoom piano meetups take place on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3pm ET. All levels are welcome!

The Oxford Piano Group

Location: The Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford (United Kingdom)

Format: Online and in-person

Website: Website

The Oxford Piano Group is specifically aimed at adult pianists. It provides a new and innovative approach to developing and improving piano skills. With an emphasis on music as a shared enjoyable experience – rather than as preparation for competition or examination – it helps participants deepen their musical awareness and knowledge and broaden their understanding in an holistic and inspiring way.

Piano Cantabile

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Format: Online and in-person

Website: Facebook

We are a group of adult amateur pianists who enjoy sharing music and performing for each other in a supportive environment.

New Forest Piano Club

Location: New Milton (United Kingdom)

Format: In person

Website: Website

Small informal gatherings of pianists of all levels who get together to gain confidence in performing to each other.

Brighton Pianists’ Meetup 

Location: Churches and other venues in Brighton and Hove (United Kingdom)

Format: In person and online

Website: Meet-up

We are a long standing, friendly and supportive group with access to two excellent Steinway pianos and a wonderful Yamaha concert grand. We see it very much as a playing opportunity to share the music we’re working on and to deal with the nerves that arise when playing in front of others. We also think the opportunity to experience excellent pianos and acoustics is important when many people live in flat and can only have digital pianos for practical reasons.

Surrey Piano Players

Location: The Guildford Institute in Guildford (United Kingdom)

Format: In person

Website: Meet-up

A friendly group for amateur adult pianists meeting in Guildford once a month. All styles and genres welcome. Any level although probably not suitable for absolute beginners.

Piano by the Sea 

Location: East Kent, United Kingdom

Format: In person

Website: Facebook

A piano club in East Kent for adult pianists of any level, in a friendly and supportive environment. Meetings are held in Margate in lovely surroundings with a beautiful grand piano, tea, and chat of all things piano.

Piano Fusion

Location: Arizona Musicfest, Scottsdale AZ (United States)

Format: In person

Website: Website

Pianists of all levels coming together weekly to cure the “lonely pianist syndrome.”

Art Song Preservation Society

Location: Virtual meetups as well as live meetups once a year at Manhattan School of Music and Opera America in New York City

Format: In person and online

Website: Website or Meet-up group

While are focus is on art song and geared towards classical singers and collaborative pianists, we also do a yearly concert featuring solo piano works. We also have pianists and teachers with international reputations who coach and give masterclasses to aspiring pianists and singers.

Cowal Piano Club

Location: Dunoon, United Kingdom

Format: In person

Website: Click here

A friendly group of adult pianists and friends getting together informally to play for each other and enjoy piano music. All genres and abilities are welcome!

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