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The Online Academy contains a vast array of resources to help you develop the piano technique required to realise your artistic aspirations at the piano. From advice on using studies and exercises to improve specific areas through to general tips for playing that feels and sounds good, the following index serves as a guide to our constantly growing list of materials.

Resources for improving piano technique

Featured Resources

  • Foundations in Piano Technique (Course) – Online course by Penelope Roskell for adult beginners and returners teaching excellent piano technique in 25 lessons (More info).
  • The Complete Pianist (eBook) – Penelope Roskell’s award winning book featuring over 500 pages of text, 300 videos and 200 exercises (More info).
  • Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique (Course) – Comprehensive online course showing how to teach all aspects of piano technique to students from beginner through to advanced levels (More info).
  • Elementary Technique – Introduction & Basics (Video series) – Graham Fitch explores the basics of piano technique and demonstrates fundamental, natural movements (More info).
  • Practising the Piano eBook Series – Part 2 (eBook) – A comprehensive treatise on the subject of piano technique by Graham Fitch with numerous video demonstrations and exercises (More info). 
  • A Practical Guide to Forearm Rotation (Video series) – Graham Fitch demonstrates a step-by-step approach to incorporating forearm rotation in your playing to feel strong, coordinated and tension-free (More info).
  • Jailbreaking Hanon (Video series) – Graham Fitch shows how Hanon’s exercises can be used as a blank canvas to experience and develop movements encountered in real music (More info).
  • Developing the Left Hand (Video series & edition) – Video series and study edition by Graham Fitch showing how to use a selection of exercises and an arrangement of a work by Bach to develop left hand technique (More info).
  • Unlock Your Potential with …Czerny?! (Video series, edition & workshop recording) – Online workshop recording, study edition and video lessons byFred Karpoff on using Czerny’s Op. 821 to develop effective practice strategies, effortless trills, rotation and more! (More info)
  • Technique Day with Graham Fitch (Workshop recording) – Graham Fitch presents a set of online workshops on improving technique, including basic fundamentals, forearm rotation, mastering scales, using studies effectively and inventing exercises from your pieces! (More info)

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