Are you looking for the ideal Christmas gift for someone who plays the piano?  Our gift voucher functionality makes it possible to purchase and send gift vouchers for individual parts or the complete Practising the Piano eBook series.  Gift vouchers can also be printed thus making them an ideal stocking filler!


Example of printable PDF gift voucher

Please follow these simple steps to purchase a gift voucher for one of our eBooks:

  • Enter your name and email address (if you are logged in, these details will be completed automatically although you can change your name if you’d like – this is the name that will appear on the email that is sent to the person you are sending a gift to!), accept the terms & conditions and click ‘Secure checkout’.
  • After purchasing, you have the following choices:
    • Send the voucher to the recipient through our system by entering their details and an optional personal greeting
    • Download the voucher, and print it or send it to the recipient yourself
    • Create your own custom voucher outside of our system using the voucher code provided