Although playing the piano at home by yourself is rewarding in itself, it can be difficult to remain motivated and inspired. Obtaining feedback on your playing and sharing it with others are great ways to maintain your enthusiasm and avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Unfortunately, current circumstances have limited opportunities for lessons and performing for many of us. Therefore we’ve developed a new online performance workshop format to provide opportunities to obtain direct feedback on your playing and personalised tuition with Graham Fitch.

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These workshops are an online take on the traditional masterclass, but they differ in they are tailored to provide each performer with the feedback and input that best matches their needs, regardless of their level of playing.

Performers are welcome to bring new pieces that they need help with, and pieces do not necessarily have to be performance-ready. The emphasis of this session is as much on finding solutions to problems as it is to refining and polishing a performance.

The first of these sessions took place on Saturday 17th October and featured six performances. The following video excerpt shows Graham working with a participant, giving an example of the type of approach and feedback on offer during these sessions (you can read Ryan’s write-up on participating in the event here and another from Tommy here).

How it works

  • Each performer gets a slot to perform and obtain feedback (slots are usually 20 minutes long depending on the session type)
  • Performers may choose to perform live or share a recording of a performance
  • After the performance or recording, Graham will then work with the performer directly

Depending on the performer’s needs, Graham offers feedback on style, interpretation, technique, practice method, or works with them to find solutions to specific problems in the piece raised by the player.

If you want an opportunity to share and improve your playing in a supportive and encouraging environment then please do sign-up for a performer ticket for one of our upcoming events. You’re also welcome to join any of the events as an observer if you’d rather watch the sessions.

Click here to find out more about these workshops and for tips on participating.

Upcoming Performance Workshops

Our next performance workshop takes place on Saturday 15th January 2022 as part of our Online Academy Birthday Bash. The event is open to pianists of all levels and runs from 10:30 until 12:30 GMT. Click here to find out more and for booking details.

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